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Examples of the music of Punto y Coma.

These musical examples are just sketches. They are not mixed or revised. Its purpose is that they can get a rough idea of how it can sound live.

  1. LITTLE GOD. It represents all the main leitmotivs that are represented in the work. It serves as an overture.

  2. BRIDE SONG. This poem serves to empathize with the feeling of loss of opportunity. Based on the poem by Christina Rosetti (English poetess of the 19th century)

  3. DE PROFUNDIS. Another poem by Rosetti. It is created to have a feeling of "incomprehension"

  4. FLIGHTS WITH BROKEN WINGS. It represents the attempt of the human being to try to rebuild his life after suffering a lot. Like a bird that has broken wings ...

  5. SHE SAT DOWN AND SANG. This poem by Rosetti speaks about the need to protect hope.

  6. STAY IN THE LIGHT. A work full of contrasts. He wants to unite within the human being the feeling of difficulties in life but at the same time the effort to remain in the light for many difficulties that appear along the way...

  7. NANA FOR DAVID. This work tries to reflect how a mother wants to help her son with all her strength.

  8. HEAVY LOAD. It represents that emotional and mental charge invisible to the physical eyes but that is really very heavy for those who carry it inside them.

  9. THE CALENDAR. It represents the passage of time.

  10. STORIES FOR ALMUDENA. Try to generate an emotion in the listener of wanting to care for loved ones. Based on a true story of a young woman who clung to life until the last moment.

  11. THE SCARLET HISTORY. Scarlet was a very fragile person physically but full of enormous inner strength. He dedicated his entire life to helping disadvantaged children.

  12. MEMENTO BY DAVID SANJUAN. It is a tribute to all those people who are filled with resilience in the face of adversity. It is also a tribute to all those people who stayed on the road.

  13. FRENETAL DANCE. Festive moment. Among the audience come dancers with a frenetic choreography. He has a rap that talks about undertaking another path different from the one he was leading.

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